What to Highlight and What to Spotlight in Your Easy Newsletter

So, what can you include in your easy newsletter if you want to customize your content? You could feature the spotlight on one of your employees. Besides their name and how long they’ve worked for you, what are their interests and hobbies? What family do they have (that they want to talk about)? What do they like about working for you?

Todd, a friend of mine, says that sometimes he will get a call from a customer asking to be featured in his newsletter. They may have a new building or a newsworthy item that Todd can include in his next issue. When you write an article about your customer, get a copy of that newsletter framed and give it to him as a gift. He will mount it on his wall and your relationship will be cemented.

Newsletters are about building relationships. So see what you can include and especially WHO you can put in your next newsletter. Is your favorite charity putting on an event? Encourage your customers and your favorite charity to let you know of their calendar. Then have them take a picture and send it to you. Include it in your next issue and you’ll make fast friends and build new business.

And if you don’t know what to write about? Just use lots of pictures. Include names and how to identify people in the pictures. People first look at pictures, then they read the captions. So make the most of both in your easy newsletter!

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