What if I have just a few newsletters to produce?

Everybody starts somewhere. Perhaps your company is small. Or maybe you just want to start small with newsletters. There’s no need for you to talk to a printer about placing an order if you just want to print these on your own computer.

Just use regular 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Print it on both sides. One sheet of paper yields a two page newsletter. Or double it for a four page newsletter. If you want the look of a mini booklet, just us 11×17 paper for a 4 page newsletter where each page is 8.5 x 11. If that doesn’t make sense, just think that half of 17″ is 8.5″.

If you want the 11×17 size but don’t have it in your office, or your printer doesn’t handle that size, you can check with your local copy and print center. My small town has a Staples store. I can even email the file to them. I’ve found that PDF format works well. Just check their work before you walk out the door. I had a walk in order in the evening, and the clerk was nice but not experienced. He had to re-do the order a few times until he got the right orientation.

You can place the newsletters in an envelope or you can fold them in thirds and mail them alone. That’s called a self-mailer. Just check with the post office to make sure the tabs (like circular tape) are in the right place. Take in a sample to the post office to be sure before you do the whole lot.

Start somewhere. Just start.

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