Tell Them What You’re Going To Tell Them

This strategy is optional, but you’ll find it helpful. There are two main types of reading styles. One person is the ultra-analytical, reading every word. Then there is the rest of mankind: we skim to find things of interest. Actually one person can go back and forth between different reading styles.

If something is of passing interest, our eyes scan down the page to see what pops out. We tend to read the headline, then the first sentence of each paragraph until we decide if the topic merits closer examination. If it does, we then use the other reading style: perusing every word. So in your easy newsletter, it is helpful if you recognize that tendency. What to do: provide this dual readership path easily.

Two easy ways of doing that are: 1) provide a table of contents to tell the reader what you’re going to tell them, or at least you’ll list the main articles or regular features of the newsletter. For instance, it may include “Tips for Introverts”, page 1, My column, page 2, Trivia contest, page 4, etc.

2) a second way to provide a dual readership path is to use bold font to highlight main points. Or sometimes I will use it to bold the first sentence in each paragraph of an article. That way readers can decide if this article is something they want to read or if they want to move on.

We’ve all seen things to read that are daunting just to look at. Small font, long sentences, never-ending paragraphs are all a turn-off to readership. So a bonus tip is to include short paragraphs. It makes your information easier to digest, whether in a newsletter, or online in a blog.

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