Share a bit of yourself

Some newsletters are cookie cutter, without any personality of the sender. It’s helpful to have at least one article in each issue of your newsletter that talks about you. That may be a little awkward, if you’re a shrinking violet. So if you don’t want to write about yourself, write about your dog. Really.

People buy from people that they know, like and trust. Revealing a bit of yourself, and some of your little imperfections will help your audience to feel like they know you. On a small business marketing podcast that I’m a part of,, my co-host, Todd Skaggs and I reveal one bit of trivia about either of us on almost every episode. In some small way, you want your audience to connect with you and know you.

So, things I’ve shared about myself either in my newsletter or podcast? My favorite Igloo cooler that’s lasted over 35 years, I just bought my first bow tie since I was 8 years old, I’m learning Spanish, I like baseball, I once dumped a glass of ice tea onto a business prospect, I don’t like to see people texting when they’re sharing a meal with friends, etc., etc.

If you have trouble remembering what to write, keep a special note place in your mobile device or in a notebook, so when it’s time to write you’ll be able to share a little of yourself.

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