One seed was dormant for years, but then…

A few years ago we did score a small one time job (a few hundred dollars) as a direct result of sending our company newsletter to prospective clients. In my core business of office cleaning, my objective is to obtain regular contract cleaning customers. Sometimes a one time job can get my foot in the door. That was my objective here, but it didn’t work out at the time. Interestingly, my newsletter had introduced me in advance because as the person met me in their lobby for the first time she told me, “I recognize you from your newsletter!”

Some time later I learned that Angela, who had been our point of contact person for the one time job, had moved on. So I couldn’t send her the newsletter anymore, but I did send it to her replacement. We’re still trying to get that business. But then something else happened just recently…

Although it had been years, and she had moved to a nearby town, Angela remembered us. She was now in charge of HR at a different company and asked us to come and bid on the work where she now is. She told me she had remembered the newsletter and had kept my business card in her desk for 2 years. (My business card looks like a folded $100 bill). The bid for their business is pending, and Angela is once again on my newsletter mailing list!

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