Don’t start and stop. Be consistent in sending your newsletter monthly

Consistency trumps everything else in importance. Great company newsletters show up like clockwork. You can count on them reaching your customers every month with solid information, helpful tips, and good ideas. Consistency so outweighs factors such as how many pages your newsletter is, whether it’s color or black and white, or even the quality of what’s in it. Don’t worry about how slick and professionally glossy your newsletter may not be. Getting it to your audience is more important.

Lack of consistency is a common mistake. No matter how good the content your newsletter contains if you aren’t consistent with sending your newsletter. It just becomes infrequent (but just as unwelcome) junk mail.

You simply must have consistency and frequency in order to build trust and relationships. That trust and those relationships turn into a long-term competitive edge and ultimately, business success.

Think of it this way: Magazines and other periodicals arrive monthly, right on
schedule. “Periodicals” arrive “periodically”, on a given schedule. When newsletters are produced monthly on a regular schedule, they have a higher perceived value. They build a stronger bond and brand with your customers. The result? Your clients look forward to them.

If you publish infrequently, you lose that important top-of-mind position. If you publish too often with print and email, your clients may be overwhelmed. Publishing your easy newsletter monthly helps you to develop habits and get into the rhythm of production. Your customers will get used to hearing from you at the same time each and every month. Kind of like Pavlov’s dogs, not to diminish the value of a client!

Think of your marketing efforts too. If you’ve got a special sales promotion planned, build up anticipation for it in the newsletter for two months prior. Then, when it’s promotion time, your marketing efforts will have the way paved for them by your newsletter articles. Your salespeople can get in on the act by handing out newsletters as promotional flyers.

Let’s recap: Consistency is the most important element of great company newsletters.
Mail them the same time every month. Your customers will salivate in anticipation. Send your newsletter every month and you’ll build better relationships, improve customer retention, and capture more new clients.

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