Complaints stopped

For my other business of office cleaning, sometimes our people goof. We have great people who are conscientious. But occasionally there is a small breakage or an oversight. For instance at an office we clean, one of our team members was vacuuming and they accidentally caught the charging cord to someone’s cell phone that was hidden under their desk. The cord was ruined, wrapped up and stripped in the vacuum roller bar.

While we try to avoid boo boos, things happen. And when they do, we try to do more than make someone whole. In this case we bought the person a new power cord. But we also bought a Starbucks gift card and sent a greeting card with the gift and a written apology.

But what really made the positive difference was when we added the person to our newsletter mailing list. That also shows care and concern. And they receive the newsletter monthly. It is important to turn around a person’s attitude if they are upset, deservedly so or not. If the critic is not converted to a fan, the attitude can spread to others like a cancer. Then before you know it, people start looking for issues to complain about. Sending a newsletter to the person we goofed up with has stopped the complaints cold. And then they become a fan.

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