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Welcome to Your Easy Newsletter. It’s a fantastic tool to put a cage around your customers and keep them for life!

With your membership, each month you get:

A Done-For-You Newsletter! It features new, interesting articles, facts, jokes, quotes…the things your customers really want to read. All ready to go in a Done-For-You template.

Just type in your company name and address and be ready to print your very own newsletter in seconds! Customize it as much or as little as you want.

Impress and keep your customers! Get new customers. Make more money.

Watch our free instructional video and you can be ready to go in 2 to 3 minutes!

Diamond Level Members Only $57/mo

Enjoy your Done-For-You, 2 page AND 4 page COLOR customizable newsletters. Along with your 2 page and 4 page black and white newsletters!

In addition you get a total of 20 pages of articles, jokes, trivia, puzzles and comics to choose from. Mix and match. Cut and paste if you want to swap out any articles in your newsletter with this bonus extra content.
To your easy newsletter, simply add your company name, address, phone number. Optional: add these things to your newsletter… e-mail, website, logo, special offer to your customers. Or change anything you want. It really is Your Easy Newsletter!

Upon request, you also get your choice of one special sector newsletter with a specific cover article and masthead:

- Your Home Address (residential real estate)
- On Your Side (attorneys)
- Something to Smile About (dentists)
- Peace of Mind (insurance agents)
- By the Numbers (accountants)
- Healthy Body Healthy Living (chiropractors)
- Home Comfort News (HVAC)
- Good House Cleaning (residential home cleaners)
- Foot Notes (podiatrists)

Gold Level Members Only $29/mo

Enjoy your Done-For-You, black and white customizable newsletters! You get a 2 page AND a 4 page ready to go black and white newsletter.

Just add your company name, address, phone number. Optional- add these things to your newsletter: e-mail, website, logo, special offer to your customers. Or change anything you want. It really is Your Easy Newsletter!

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